Pendulum and Coriolis Effect are Proof of the Globe?

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Proof (93)

Foucault’s Pendulums are often quoted as proof of a rotating Earth but upon closer investigation prove the opposite. To begin with, Foucault’s pendulums do not uniformly swing in any one direction. Sometimes they rotate clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise, sometimes they fail to rotate and sometimes they rotate far too much. The behavior of the pendulum actually depends on 1) the initial force beginning its swing and, 2) the balland-socket joint used which most-readily facilitates circular motion over any other. The supposed rotation of the Earth is completely inconsequential and irrelevant to the pendulum’s swing. If the alleged constant rotation of the Earth affected pendulums in any way, then there should be no need to manually start pendulums in motion. If the Earth’s diurnal rotation caused the 360 degree uniform diurnal rotation of pendulums, then there should not exist a stationary pendulum anywhere on Earth!

Proof (94)The “Coriolis Effect” is often said to cause sinks and toilet bowls in the Northern Hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in the Southern Hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way, thus providing proof of the spinning ball-Earth. Once again, however, just like Foucault’s Pendulums spinning either which way, sinks and toilets in the Northern and Southern hemispheres do not consistently spin in any one direction! Sinks and toilets in the very same household are often found to spin opposite directions, depending entirely upon the shape of the basin and the angle of the water’s entry, not the supposed rotation of the Earth.



It is not that the truth is not known, it is that the truth has been intentionally hidden from the masses in order to control the population, and keep them away from God. Flat Earth is the death of: the heliocentric solar system, gravity, evolution, dinosaurs, multiple galaxies, alien species, science falsely so-called, space travel and everything associated with it (Freemason NASA, astronomical societies, Jesuit university space/astronomy programs, ect).


Hmmmm idk · April 25, 2018 at 10:00 pm

I don’t understand how earth is flat when it is hotter at the Equator which with a globe would mean the close part to the sun. Also, if I FaceTime some on the opposite side of earth, why is it day in my time and night in theirs?

    Hmmmm idk · April 25, 2018 at 10:04 pm

    Also what’s on the other side of Flatearth?

Charles · June 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm

Coincides with “Magnus Effect” for long range ballistics with rifled barrels. The calculations they used are based off environment conditions and ammunition specifications from manufacturer.

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