The Nonsense of Big Bang and Solar System

unnamedNASA and modern astronomy say the Earth is a giant ball tilted back, wobbling and spinning 1,000 mph around its central axis, traveling 67,000 mph circles around the Sun, spiraling 500,000 mph around the Milky Way, while the entire galaxy rockets a ridiculous 670,000,000 mph through the Universe, with all of these motions originating from an alleged “Big Bang” cosmogenic explosion 14 billion years ago. That’s a grand total of 670,568,000 mph in several different directions we’re all supposedly speeding along at simultaneously, yet no one has ever seen, felt, heard, measured or proven a single one of these motions to exist whatsoever. However, this can only exist in our imagination!

One thought on “The Nonsense of Big Bang and Solar System

  1. If you take out “God” and “literal days time frame” you get “Big Bang” I saw a video somewhere explaining the real reason of how they account for these numbers.

    You can not get something from nothing!

    You can not get life from non life!

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