SpaceX Falcon (170 KM) Revealed The Flat Earth

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Altitude: 170 KM 

At this altitude, we should be able to see the so-called curvature of the Earth, but we don’t see the curve because the Earth is Flat. The Eyes Are Useless When The Mind Is Blind. You have two eyes to see, SEE!


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It is not that the truth is not known, it is that the truth has been intentionally hidden from the masses in order to control the population, and keep them away from God. Flat Earth is the death of: the heliocentric solar system, gravity, evolution, dinosaurs, multiple galaxies, alien species, science falsely so-called, space travel and everything associated with it (Freemason NASA, astronomical societies, Jesuit university space/astronomy programs, ect).

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Anthony Fludger · February 15, 2018 at 5:16 am

You really are mad!

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